Buff Dawg Services

Prices will vary but will always be given before starting

Buff Dawg Auto Detailing Utah


hourly paint correction

$125/First hour, $95 per hour following

Removing blemishes and imperfections from your vehicle, paid by the hour


From $350

3/4 hours; Basic polish,  Light scratch removal, marring swirls and increasing gloss. 

1 day treatment

From $795

7-8 hours; Heavy cut polish/wax. Full heavy buff 80-90%, sand scratches, most defects out without damaging the integrity of the paint. Spot sanding

additional services

Water spot removal

Rust/fallout removal

Oxidation removal

Overspray removal

Orange peel removal

Full panel sanding

Headlight restoration

Paint touch up

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of safely removing scratches and swirl marks from your vehicle’s paint. We have been trained by the best in the industry to restore your car’s finish to a like-new condition. Light scratches occur from improper washing and normal wear over time. These scratches can even exist on a car straight from the manufacturer.

Why does this matter? All of these scratches add up and distort the optical clarity of your clear coat. This leads to reduced gloss and visible swirls in the paint. Our multi-step process removes these scratches and brings out the full potential of your paint.

We’ll restore your shine!

Our paint correction process will revive your paint and finish and bring back that new-car shine. We safely remove scratches and imperfections so that your car reflects light and shines again.