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Buff Dawg Services

Buff Dawg is THE specialist buffing service along the Wasatch Front, renewing and protecting your car, truck, motorcycle, SUV or commercial vehicle.

It’s our goal to make your car look like new again and we have the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make it happen. We offer a full range of services that will get your car looking great from bumper to bumper!

Our eco-friendly cleaning processes will make your paint smooth and glossy, and we will leave no detail untouched.

Our exterior details focus on the following areas:

  • Thoroughly hand wash your exterior. 
  • Remove all fallout using a clay bar, if needed. 
  • Remove all tar, tree sap and bugs. 
  • Properly clean your wheels, wheel wells and tires. 
  • Clean your door jams and behind your fuel door.
  • Treat your tires and trim with premium dressings. 
  • Perform up to a 3-Step buffing process to remove your light to medium scratches (included).
  • Apply durable carnauba wax to your exterior. 
  • Polish your chrome wheels and bumpers and accessories. 
  • Clean your exterior and interior glass and mirrors.
Buff Dawg Auto Detailing Utah
Buff Dawg Auto Detailing Utah
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Buff Dawg Auto Detailing Utah

Deep Cleaning

Not only can we deep clean your vehicle, we can also wax, buff and polish every surface to leave the car shining like the day you brought it home. When your dents are popped out and your windows and mirrors are polished, you’ll want to come back to us for detailing and an auto wax on a regular basis!

Buff Dawg Auto Detailing Utah

Waxing & Polishing

Of course, getting your car squeaky clean is the first step toward the perfect detail. We offer engine, wheel & trim cleaning so that you can drive home a vehicle that shines from one bumper to the next. We don’t just spot clean, we get deep down to ensure that your car is clean in every nook and cranny.

Buff Dawg Auto Detailing Utah


Are your headlights so yellowed that they are hardly effective anymore? We offer comprehensive restoration services to get your car or truck back to what it once was. You can drive your vehicle with pride once again after we’re done restoring it to perfection!

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of safely removing scratches and swirl marks from your vehicle’s paint. We have been trained by the best in the industry to restore your car’s finish to a like-new condition. Light scratches occur from improper washing and normal wear over time. These scratches can even exist on a car straight from the manufacturer.

Why does this matter? All of these scratches add up and distort the optical clarity of your clear coat. This leads to reduced gloss and visible swirls in the paint. Our multi-step process removes these scratches and brings out the full potential of your paint.

We’ll Restore Your Shine

Our paint correction process will revive your paint and finish and bring back that new-car shine. We safely remove scratches and imperfections so that your car reflects light and shines again.

Residential • Commercial • Dealers • Body Shops

  • Swirl Free Buffing
  • Paint Restoration
  • Scratch Removal
  • Wet Sanding
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Over-spray Removal
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Paint Touch-Up
  • Water Spot Removal
  • Rust Fallout Removal